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Investing in Heritage, Hospitality, and Sustainability

Welcome to Whiskey Properties, a family-owned company with a passion for restoring historic properties, boutique hospitality, and enriching the communities near to home in the southeast. Comprised of a close-knit team of partners and staff, we take pride in our unique approach to impact investment and the commitment thereof to making a positive social and environmental impact on the cities and neighborhoods around us.


Our Vision

At Whiskey Properties, we envision a future where the rich heritage of historic properties and quaint towns is preserved and celebrated, where hospitality thrives even in disadvantaged areas, and where sustainability and the enjoyment of nature is at our core. Our vision extends beyond mere profits; we strive to create a lasting relationship and legacy that benefits our community through economic growth.


Restoring Heritage, Building Hospitality, and Creating Opportunities

Our primary focus lies in the restoration of historic properties and the development of hospitality establishments in smaller communities, opportunity zones within larger cities, and rural locations. We believe that these dormant areas hold immense potential and character, waiting to be revived.

By restoring and repurposing historic properties, we breathe new life into forgotten architectural gems, preserving their cultural significance for future generations to cherish. Our commitment to heritage conservation not only contributes to the cultural fabric of communities but also stimulates economic growth and tourism in these areas.

Hospitality lies at the heart of our endeavors; through our projects, we create inviting spaces where travelers and locals alike can experience southern warmth and comfort. We consider our guests as part of our extended family, providing them with genuine and memorable experiences.

A Family of Impact

We treat our team of dedicated staff members as part of the family. Each person plays an integral role in our collective journey, and we nurture a supportive and inclusive work environment where ideas and talents flourish.

We value long-term relationships with all our partners and patrons, and we prioritize transparency, open communication, and mutual respect in all that we do.

Driving Sustainable Change

Sustainability is a core principle that guides our decision-making process. We are proud to be actively involved in generating jobs and stimulating economic growth. Our investments not only breathe new life into communities but also create employment opportunities that empower local residents.

Furthermore, we are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint wherever possible. Currently, two of our projects are powered by solar energy, with over 70 kilowatts of power generation. We continually seek innovative solutions to integrate sustainability into our ventures, ensuring that our projects have a positive impact on the planet as well as the people.

Join Us in Our Mission

At Whiskey Properties we are driven by a shared mission to leave a lasting legacy of positive change, and we invite you to embark on this journey with us by enjoying our properties with your friends and family. Together, we can restore heritage, promote communities that have a lot to share, and lead the way in sustainable redevelopments that truly make a difference.